5 steps to take while waiting on your tow

Is your vehicle stranded on the side of the road? You can take some simple steps to remain safe while waiting on our tow truck. It's essential that you:

Turn on your hazard lights
Move off the roadway, if possible
Set up triangles or flares
Go to a safe location nearby
Stay on guard

Arrange for the towing services you need. Contact us now to request a tow.

Keep us on call

It's never a good idea to drive a damaged vehicle, no matter how close the repair shop is. That's why you should keep U Know Me Towing on call for emergency towing services.

Not all towing companies can transport damaged or heavy-duty vehicles, but we can. Rely on us to tow your car when...

Your engine is dead or overheating
Your frame is bent after a collision
You have a flat but don't have a spare
Your dead battery won't jump start

Contact our local towing company anytime you need a lift. We'll be there in a hurry.